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High Quality Tyre For Car & Truck

At Alfa Tyre Protector Nig. Ent we have a wide range of tyre brands for our customers to choose from. Included are all top tyres brand, as well as tyres to suit all driving styles. Whatever your budget, whatever your requirement, you are certain to find the perfect tyres to suit your vehicle.

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Quality Products

Professional Services

Quality Tyres

We stock wide range of quality name brand products at the lowest prices all year around.

Wheels(Tyre Rim)

Stand out from the crowd with a set of new alloy wheels (rims) for your vehicles!


We are expert in Tyre Rotation, Tyre Punctures & Repairs, Nitrogen for Tyres, 3D Wheel Alignment etc


We sell/supply tyre accessories/Equipment to tyre users and vulcanizers.


We offer tyre safety and repair training. We organise seminars/Workshops on safety on the wheel.

Delivery Services

We deliver Tyres/Wheels/Accessories to your doorstep on demand.

Our Brands

Why Choose Us

Quality Brands

We stock wide range of quality name brand products at the lowest prices all year around.

Reasonable Price

We haveafordable tyres to suite your driving need. Best price match with quality assurance.

Trusted by Over 5000 Clients

Amazing customer service is our competitive advantage

Fast service Delivery

At Alfa Tyre Protector Nig.Ent., our approach to Tyre services is uniquely fast.


We deliver more than expected.

We believe adding value doesn’t really mean spending more time, all it means is that one constant question on your mind which keeps asking what we can do better. We work on making customers smile. We believe smiling is charity
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Quality Products

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Client Satisfaction

Clients Love


An highly reliable and honest firm. You will not regret dealing with them. Try Alfa Tyre Nig Ent today. I personally recommend them.

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Olaide Dolapo Customer

Alfa Tyre Protector Nig Ent is a one stop shop for solutions to your wheels issues. Visit them today and be convinced. I promise you will never regret you did...Thumbs up Alfa, sky is the beginning...

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Ajayi O Customer

Alfa Tyre is my long time customer. They don't sell fake or expired tyres and all there products are affordable.

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Wareez A Customer

At Alfa Tyre Protector Nig. Enterprises, you can be rest assured to get the best type of vehicle tyres and services. They even offer their customers self-help tools that enables them fix their tyres without looulcaniser. I really love their service here.. Alfa Tyres is tested and trusted for years

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Adekunle A Customer

Our Staff

Creative Tyre Experts at work

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