Why Are Tyres Black?

Automobile technology is forever evolving, but it seems like some things always stay the same. As in decades past, cars today have a steering wheel, a transmission, and four wheels on the axles. And the tyres they roll on are a deep black. With a few exceptions, this has consistently been the case across manufacturers […]

5 Basic Signs T Know Your Car Needs An Alignment

A fact of life for car owners is that they’ll need to keep up on their vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. Ongoing maintenance of a vehicle is unavoidable, but if you’re proactive about it, you can minimise the time and expense required.   And when it comes to the really serious matters of maintenance that go far beyond a […]

3 things you need to know when buying car tyres

So, you’re gearing up to get new tyres for your car. What exactly do you need to know before you make a purchase? Keep reading to discover three things that all motorists should be aware of when buying these essential pieces of kit. 1. Size matters Size really does matter when you’re shelling out for […]

8 driving mistakes you might be making

Most of us like to think that we’re good drivers. This is why it could come as a surprise to know that you may be making quite serious driving mistakes on a daily basis, without even realising it. This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad driver, especially if you’re observant, cautious and respectful of other […]


A tyre blowout can be anything from frightening to potentially dangerous at almost any speed. We have put together a few simple guidelines and tips to follow when a tyre lets go. With all the advances in car safety standards and technology these days blowouts are now a rarer occurrence, but this also means drivers […]